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CNRI Announces Cordra: Techniques for Long-term and Storage-independent Management of Digital Information.

Released in August 2015, Cordra is a core part of CNRI's Digital Object Architecture, offering a foundation for representing and interacting with information in the Internet. Cordra provides techniques for creation of, and access to, digital objects as discrete data structures with unique, resolvable identifiers. Learn more at Cordra.org.

CNRI Receives 2014 NSF DIBBs Award

NSF announced "$31 million in new funding to support 17 innovative projects under the Data Infrastructure Building Blocks (DIBBs) program. Now in its second year, the 2014 DIBBs awards support research in 22 states and touch on research topics in computer science, information technology and nearly every field of science supported by NSF." CNRI's project builds a user driven architecture for data discovery (UDADD). See the full press release for more information.

NSF "Discovery": Research Data Alliance (RDA) is "Developing Infrastructure for Data Sharing Around the World"

CNRI's is a member of RDA's Data Type Regristries working group. The working group "has collaborated during the last year to develop and test its new system. The infrastructure products of this group are currently being evaluated and adopted by European Data Infrastructure (EUDAT), the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the U.S., and other groups who are applying it to their own research activities." See the full press release for more information.

ITU Interview with Dr. Kahn

ITU Interviews Dr. Robert E. Kahn, Chairman, CEO and President, CNRI. YouTube, published November 17, 2014. Topics included the role of the Digital Object Architecture (DOA) in combating counterfeit ICT products and devices, and what governments and the corporate sector can do to help.


ITU Blog posting, January 6, 2014. ITU talked to Robert E. Kahn about his work on DO Architecture and his motivation for bringing it to ITU.

A New Recommendation on "Framework for discovery of identity management information".

"Framework for discovery of identity management information" [available free of charge at http://handle.itu.int/11.1002/1000/11951; ITU-T announcement: http://newslog.itu.int/archives/137] was approved at an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) meeting in Geneva (ITU-T Study Group 17 (Security)) on September 4, 2013. The work is based largely on CNRI's Digital Object Architecture; and Robert E. Kahn, CNRI's President, served as Editor. While the Recommendation is focused specifically on identity management information, it is applicable more generally to many different types of information in digital form.

Dr. Robert E. Kahn received the first Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Announced March 18, 2013, Dr. Kahn was awarded the QE Prize for his "contributions to the development of the fundamental architecture for the Internet and the World Wide Web".

Announcing Version 7.0 of the HANDLE.NET Software.

CNRI announces the release of Version 7.0 of the HANDLE.NET software, a significant upgrade to the Handle System. The major improvements include the addition of template handles, offline signatures, a multiple location type, DNS interface, Jython interpreter, and the use of Berkeley DB as the default storage system.

An international coalition announced the launch of an Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) that uses CNRI's Handle System and DO Registry technologies.

A coalition led by MovieLabs, CableLabs® and Rovi Corporation announced the launch of a non-profit, global, independent registry for cataloging movies, television shows, and other commercial audio/video assets. See the October 27, 2010, Press Release.

Dr. Robert E. Kahn receives the ITU World Telecommunication and Information Society Award 2010.

The ITU World Telecommunication and Information Society Award is given to "distinguished laureates for their contribution towards building an inclusive and more equitable Information Society". In 2010, the award was given to "eminent personalities who have contributed to ... providing a better life in cities". The global ceremony commemorating the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2010 was held on 17 May during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China.

Dr. Robert E. Kahn receives the 2010 Harold Pender Award.

The faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science gives the award annually "to outstanding members of the engineering profession who have achieved distinction by significant contributions to society". The award was presented following a lecture entitled, "The Internet: Lessons from the Past and Implications for the Future" by Dr. Kahn and joint award recipient Dr. Vinton G. Cerf.

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